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Tired of making failed attempts with dropshipping? Have no clue or direction on what you are doing wrong within e-commerce? Get mentored by us on how to build a successful brand from A-Z.

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Why Haze Mentorship?

Here is what is included.

Haze Mentorship concludes out of two live group mentorship sessions per week - as well as our content vault where we focus on the following six modules.

Brand Building

Discover the power of building an actual brand that will set you apart from the competition and grow returning customers.

Product & Niche Research

Unlock the power of niche and product match, ensuring your offer to be irresistible to potential customers.

Store Building

Learn the ins and outs of building a visually stunning and high-converting e-commerce store that feels like a well established brand.

Paid Marketing

Master effective Facebook & TikTok Ads strategies and structures to reach conversions and scale your business to the next level.

Organic Marketing

Unleash the potential of organic marketing, learn when and how to use it, and get access to our well-tested strategy resources.

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Operations & Hacks

Gain exclusive access to our high-level operational strategies & other hacks to scale your business to new heights, and future-proof it.

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We're so confident in our ability to teach you how to become successful with e-commerce, that we are willing to mentor you until guaranteed goals have been reached.

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Proven Methods > Gambling

Whether you join or not, that's up to you - we are moving forward regardless.
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I was always struggling at finding good products and was wasting too much time. I came across GoatSpy and it really helped me reach success. I found a product that was selling in the USA and making 10k per day. Fast forward to today, I have made half a million euros. That's the power of GoatSpy.

Marco S.

Insanely useful tool for any kind of dropshipper. Makes it so easy to find winning products and removes a lot of the guessing work. I've tested the tracking with my own stores and the accuracy has been super high! Great if you want to find top selling products and stores.

Erik V.

After a few years of dropshipping, we have always felt the need for a spy tool that can track stores and ads at the same time. Nothing out there was fulfilling our individual needs, so we decided to build a solution ourselves. Your success is our success.

Brendan & Sebas
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 GoatShipper > Dropshipper

GoatSpy has helped tons of entrepreneurs gain an edge within the dropshipping space. Stop the guess work and make informed decisions based on accurate and valuable data.

The Haze Yacht Club

Become a part of the yacht club by successfully completing your mentorship program and proving yourself to be worthy of joining the club.

Private Community
Gain access to the valuable sales data of competitors' stores.
Partnered Projects
Browse competitors' TikTok ads to get inspired and find winning creatives & products.
High-Level Resources
A curated list of trending products that are currently selling well.
Real Life Events
Get real-time insights into certain marketing trends and data.

Limited slots available

No, this is not some sales strategy to try and increase the urgency and get you to buy. Frankly, we do not care whether you join or not.

We do not have the time to mentor tons of people and will only be allowing a select few to join the Haze mentorship program. Only join if you truly are ready to give it your everything.

Will we see you at 2023's Yacht Week?

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