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Haze E-commerce
community is here to move you forward. Learn to make money side by side with industry experts. Receive real-time strategies inside our gated community.

The perfect place for everything e-commerce. We're a community that focuses on the financial growth of each participating individual by providing the right value. We offer multiple subscription options to our members, in order to gate our community and value within certain tiers. Each tier consists out of a variety of perks.

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Treasure Hunt

Trying to make money with e-commerce does definitely not need to feel like a treasure hunt at all. With the right resources, strategies and mentorship, we will be able to get yourself up and running. We'll show you that anything is possible, whatever it takes.


We offer multiple subscription tiers with each their own perks. Not ready to subscribe yet? Enjoy our free resources & channels in our Discord.

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TikTok Organic

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Learn how to set up your e-commerce store(s) from A to Z. We offer value for everyone. This covers a large variety of topics such as: store building, conversion rate optimization, finding suppliers, sms/email campaigns, etc.

TikTok Ads

With the rapid-growing popularity of TikTok, there is no denying in the fact that it also offers an amazing opportunity for advertising. We teach you real-time strategies (and glitches) on how to take advantage and be able to scale your store as efficient as possible.

Facebook Ads

Learn to set up your Facebook advertising campaigns by industry experts. Facebook is without a doubt, one of the most reliable ad platforms for your business if you know how to run it stable. We teach you how to set up a bulletproof FB ads system.

Organic Posting

If you're starting out with a low budget, it might be interesting to try and get traffic to your e-commerce store by posting organically on social media. This is great for beginners, who prefer to spend time instead of money on the testing of new products and/or stores. We offer a ton of resources to higher your chances of making your content go viral.


Our community offers a large variety of resources. Not only for the other mentioned topics, but also much more such as: free themes, recommended apps, shared tools, templates, and much more!

Product Drops

Don't know what product to sell? We'll post possible winning products on a weekly basis for you to sell. The product drops are only available for a limited time.



On the first day of the event, you’ll receive a creative brief in your welcome pack.

Look over it carefully, on Thursday, each of you that want to participate will present your creative work in front of everyone and a panel of judges.

Prizes will be given to the favorite work.

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Each night, we’ll gather together for inspiring talks with fellow creatives. No slides. No agendas. So settle in with your new friends and listen to

nightly chats with industry leaders who share incredibly personal stories of their careers, struggles, and triumphs.

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